Naming Ceremony

Naming Ceremony

on Apr 28, 2016 in Blogs

A new trend and a new choice for parents.
The arrival of a new baby or child into your lives is one of the most exciting events in a family’s life, and many of us want to celebrate the occasion in a special, memorable way.

Up until recently, the only way to celebrate this rite of passage was to hold a service in your local place of worship – but some people feel that the traditional religious ceremony just isn’t for them.

Naming ceremonies are still pretty new the UK, so you may need to explain to your family and friends what it’s all about; or you could just point them in the direction of one of the many celebrity magazines, where they will find lots of glossy photos of naming ceremonies held by celebrities.

A naming ceremony is not a legal requirement, but it is definitely a great way of getting friends and family together to celebrate the arrival of your new child. It’s your choice what to include, who to get involved, and it gives you a wonderful opportunity for everyone attending to join together in making their promises of support in bringing up your child.

It is entirely up to you when you choose to hold the naming ceremony. Between four and six months old is a popular time, or why not just hold it on your child’s first birthday? This type of ceremony works really well for older children too, they can get involved and play a real active part in the ceremony – reading a poem, plant a tree, or anything else that they feel suits them best.

The key to a relaxed and happy naming ceremony is to keep it short and simple – and to have fun!

For more information or ideas about naming ceremonies please do get in touch.