Saying Goodbye

At this tremendously sad time when we have to say goodbye to a loved one, the pain and the sadness we feel can be overwhelming. I will do everything to honour and respect your grief, whilst helping you to create a personalised funeral ceremony that is meaningful, and celebratory of the life of your loved one.

Traditionally families were only ever offered a religious based funeral conducted by a Religious Minister, or the fully atheist alternative of a Humanist ceremony. However in today’s modern world, many people have developed their own ideas on life and religion, and therefore neither a religious, nor atheist funeral particularly reflects their personal beliefs.  

Choosing an independent celebrant like myself means you will have a more personal, individual life centred funeral that will be positive and uplifting, and will give you the opportunity to express how you feel, and will allow you to say a goodbye to your loved one in a way that you choose.

Each ceremony that I conduct is individually written, and is full of the precious memories that truly reflect, and honour, the person who has died. The ceremony will be a dignified and fitting tribute, focusing on their own journey of life that made them so special and unique.

I will visit you and your family and will spend as much time with you as you need discussing your wishes and thoughts about what to include in the ceremony. This may include music, poems, readings, hymns, and prayers. You may want family and close friends to participate, and this is often a wonderful way for you all to share fond memories, say your last goodbye, and to express any personal tributes.

Funeral Ceremonies

Bespoke Funeral Ceremonies

In your wish to create a very special and unique ceremony for your loved one, you may like to include something just a little different – for example, a balloon release, live music such as a Bagpiper, or a String Quartet, or even a full choir – the choice is yours.

Please do get in touch if I can help in anyway – it would be an honour. 

Grief Support Services

As a qualified and accredited Grief Recovery Specialist®, I am approved to deliver The Grief Recovery Program – a program that has helped many tens of thousands of people around the world over the last 30 years.

This is a special program that has been designed to provide anyone who is grieving or suffering as a result of a loss, with a series of small steps, that when taken in order, will lead you to the completion of your unresolved grief. It helps you to move beyond the pain caused by your loss and to move towards a regained sense of well-being.

It is a powerful program that is genuinely for anyone wanting to take the necessary actions to help deal with their grief. I offer this program on a one-to-one basis, or as part of a support group.

You will find more details about the Grief Recovery Method on my Grief Support Services Facebook page.

Grief Recovery Method logo
Grief Recovery Method logo

Janine Hailey is a professional marriage, family and funeral celebrant, and certified member of The Fellowship of Professional Celebrants in partnership with The UK College of Celebrancy.

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