About Us

About Us

Hi, my name is Janine Hailey – welcome to my website.

Firstly can I say, congratulations to you on your forthcoming celebration. Secondly, thank you for considering me to be your ceremony celebrant.
So, let’s talk about your celebration and your ceremony – be it sweet, sassy, simple and elegant, traditional or totally wild – it’s your choice. That means that you can have it anytime and anywhere, but most importantly you can have it your way!

Just like your style is distinctive, so is you love for each other, and choosing this unique and personalised approach to your ceremony will honour that.
Designing your perfect unique ceremony is no simple task, but one I am truly committed to. So committed in fact that I called my Company – “Unique Life Ceremonies”.

Janine_Hailey_Flashbulb0018The definition of “Unique” is – “Being the only one of its kind” – and, that is my promise to you about your ceremony.

It also means – “Remarkable”, “Extraordinary”, “Unparalleled” and, or “Unusual” – and those are the words I am sure your guests will be saying about your ceremony too.

By now you will be getting an idea of my complete and total desire to ensure that your ceremony is unique and special to you, but I also want you to know that I am also about uncompromised quality, and about providing exceptional value.

I believe that ceremonies are a great way to bring people together – friends, family and acquaintances – so why not provide them with a ceremony that will be truly unforgettable, and one that will live in your memories forever.

Not only is this my promise to you, but I have done the training, and got all the certificates to prove I can do it too.

FBCI am a fully trained and qualified professional Marriage, Family and Funeral Celebrant. I am also a registered member of the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants, in partnership with The UK College of Celebrancy.

My previous life as I like to call it, was in Hospitality Management – and that’s where my purpose all started from. People have been my business for the last 30 years; my passion is always to do my best for people – and rolling all that together it means I get to do a job that I am passionate about, and absolutely love. How lucky am I!

Based in Swansea in South Wales, I work across the whole of Wales. I would be more than happy to discuss ceremonies across the border into England, and even more than happy to jet oversees to perform your ceremony for you as well.

Whatever your life celebration is, and whatever ideas you have, please get in touch and take the first step in creating your dream ceremony.