Naming Ceremonies

Naming Ceremonies

A naming ceremony is a perfect way to introduce, and to celebrate, the newest addition to your family whether through birth, fostering, adoption, or the welcoming of new step children.

A naming ceremony is a very special way to show your union as a family, and the love and commitment you have for each other.

Traditionally babies have been baptised or christened. However, today many parents feel that they do not want a traditional service for their own personal reasons. Choosing a celebrant offers a beautiful alternative, giving you a chance to openly welcome your child and affirm your love and commitment to them, whilst surrounded by a loving circle of family and friends.

During the ceremony, you will have the opportunity to explain about the name you have chosen. You may wish to name special supporting adults or guardians that will help you bring up, and guide your child through their journey of life.

Your unique naming ceremony is designed and personalised to suit your every wish; you have the option to involve friends and family, music, poems, or meaningful readings. You may also like to include an extra special symbolic element such as candles, water, flowers, pebbles, or gemstones.

As with all our unique ceremonies, we follow a simple three stage process to get you from visiting our website today, right through to actually being at your own very special celebration, and this includes:

Step 1

You have your ideas for your unique ceremony. Get in touch so we can get started with planning a ceremony just right for you.

Step 2

Tell me more. Share your story and your ideas and we will create a ceremony unique to you on a date that suits you.

Step 3

Get ready to celebrate. We’ll get everything rehearsed, and on the day you can relax and enjoy your perfect ceremony.

Step 1 – Initial Contact / Enquiry

My message to you is – “It’s Your Ceremony, Your Choice, Have it Your Way”. Choosing a celebrant is the first step you need to take in order to achieve that result. You have your ideas, now all you need to do is get in contact so we can get started with planning your unique ceremony. I promise that it will be me that you get to speak.


Step 2 – Design, Plan and Write

  • Firstly we will arrange to meet either in person, by Skype, by phone or email – whatever suits you best. This is about us getting to know each other, we will discuss ideas, and then if I am the celebrant for you, we shall secure your date in my diary.
  • You can decide the content of the ceremony, and I will use the information you give me to draft your ceremony. We will collaborate with each other until the ceremony is perfect and just as you want it.


Alfie_Christening_AR049Step 3 – Celebrate and have fun

  • On the day of your Ceremony – This is your time to relax and enjoy! I will arrive nice and early and have everything set up ready for the ceremony. I will perform the ceremony, and you just have to take part and enjoy yourselves.

I will then leave you to enjoy the rest of your day and celebrations with your guests.

  • The week following your ceremony – I will send over a printed copy of your ceremony script – a keep sake and a memory of your wonderful ceremony.

Whilst the above is our suggested process for creating the perfect ceremony, if you want to discuss any other way then please just let us know.

You will have your own special little reasons for a naming ceremony, and whoever that is, please get in touch and share it. I would be delighted to help you turn that dream into a unique ceremony reality.