To have a registrar, or not to have a registrar that is the question?

To have a registrar, or not to have a registrar that is the question?

on Apr 28, 2016 in Blogs

Although by law all life events must be entered into the country’s Registers, you do NOT have to use the Registrar’s services for the ceremonial elements of those events…

In 1994 the laws in the United Kingdom changed, allowing other licensed venues other than registry offices to be used for civil marriage ceremonies. However the content of the ceremony remains pretty much unchanged; some people are left feeling that this this type of Marriage Service can be boring, unimaginative, and lack the flair and excitement that you deserve on your special day.

What is not so commonly known in this country – is that ONLY the “Declaratory Words”, and the “Contracting Words” have to be said in a Registry Office or licenced venue, in order for your marriage to be recognised in Law, and for a marriage certificate to be issued.


So, what are the Declaratory Words you have to legally say?

“I do solemnly declare that I know not of any lawful impediment why I (your name) may not be joined in matrimony to (partner’s name)”


So, what are the Contracting words you legally have to say?

“I call up these persons here present to witness that I (your name) do take thee (partner’s name) to be my lawful wedded wife (or husband)”.


These 41 word above – (Plus your names) – are the only legal requirements for marriage!
Remember you don’t even have to exchange your vows or your rings at the legal registration – just take along 2 witnesses – job done!

So that means the rest of the ceremony is your choice, to have anywhere and at any time. You decide!


The same goes for same sex marriages –

After so many years of campaigning, it truly is wonderful that legislation in England, Wales and Scotland now allows for Same Sex Marriages. It is also wonderful news that you can choose to have your legal marriage registration followed by a very special personalised ceremony.

The real act of marriage takes place in your heart – it’s a choice you make and one that deserves to be celebrated. What is really important is that your ceremony is a true reflection and a celebration of your journey together. Making your ceremony about the both of you is so important, and our commitment to you.

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