Why should you renew your wedding vows?

Why should you renew your wedding vows?

on Jul 16, 2021 in Renewal of Vows

Love is a beautiful thing. It can bring joy, meaning and contentment into our lives. Those who are fortunate enough to experience true love know that it brings out the best in them and their partners, they are stronger and better together.

Why renew your wedding vows?

Whilst a wedding celebrates the unity of the couple, a renewal of vows is an opportunity to acknowledge shared love and express gratitude to one another later on in their union. Renewing vows can take place at any time of a partnership. Some couples choose to mark a special anniversary or milestone. Perhaps they simply want to reaffirm the promises made to one another on their original wedding day. Or to celebrate the strength of their partnership after a period of separation, difficulty or poor health. 

During a time where many people had to change their original wedding plans due to the response to the pandemic, some couples are choosing vow renewals as a way of bringing family and friends together for a bigger celebration. Each couple’s relationship and their reasons to renew their vows are totally unique. It’s this individuality that provides a wonderful starting point for planning your vow renewals. And the beginning of planning an amazing experience for your loved ones too! 

Vow Renewal Ceremony

In this style of ceremony, there are no legalities involved. Couples can choose any venue and style they want to, without restrictions of traditional weddings. Ceremonies can include poetry or songs, bespoke vows and additional meaningful symbols or displays of their unity. Old traditions can be celebrated, or newer ones introduced – couples may want to involve their children or close friends as part of the ceremony too. Whilst a vow renewal is not a ‘second wedding’, it can be an opportunity to perfect the proposal this time around. How will you choose to ask ‘marry me again’?

Renewal of vows ceremonies express gratitude for the great love there has been in your lives. Couples can reflect on their time together and look towards their future. Be it small, intimate gatherings or an event for close friends or family members to come together. The couple can relive old memories with their loved ones, while celebrating new ones too!

Renewing your Wedding Vows

The Renewal of Vows Ceremony gives you an option at any point during your married life to celebrate your commitment, all over again. A vow renewal can be an occasion full of fun and emotion. Its a perfect opportunity to get together and celebrate life, cheering on two people who have chosen happiness together.

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