Handfasting Ceremony – a modern take on an ancient tradition

Handfasting Ceremony – a modern take on an ancient tradition

on Dec 12, 2021 in Renewal of Vows, Weddings

Handfasting is a beautiful alternative to the traditional wedding ceremony. The popularity of handfasting ceremonies are on the rise. Celtic in origin, handfasting has been practised for centuries as a way of marking the union of two people.

What is Handfasting?

The word handfasting comes from the Old English word handfæstung, which means “to strike a bargain by shaking hands.” During this special unity ceremony, the couples’ hands are tied together with braided cords or decorative ribbons, symbolising the strong bond between them. Although handfasting can be traced all the way back to 7000 B.C., it remains an important part of many couples’ weddings. The tying of the ribbons as a symbolic ritual of their commitment to one another. In modern times, handfasting is often used to mark the engagement of a couple. It is also popular for couples who are celebrating a special anniversary or wish to renew their wedding vows. 

handfasting ceremony

Ties from a Handfasting Wedding Ceremony

Handfasting ceremonies typically involve personalised vows that are tailored to reflect the unique relationship between each couple. The handfasting can be conducted in any way that the couple chooses. Some couples like to cross hands to be tied. Others like to stand next to one another – joining the right hand to the left hand of their partner. There are no fixed rules about how the handfasting should be conducted, so each ceremony is unique and personalised. The vows that are spoken during the handfasting can also be written by the couple themselves, making the ceremony even more special and meaningful.

Handfasting Ceremonies

Whether you envision a simple handfasting ceremony or something more elaborate, this ancient practice is sure to add a unique and heartfelt touch to your special day.  Handfasting is a lovely way to mark the beginning of a marriage, or to celebrate a special anniversary. If you’re looking for something different, handfasting might be the perfect solution for you. Whether part of a larger traditional wedding or held on its own as an alternative ceremony, handfasting continues to be an enduring symbol of love and togetherness for modern couples worldwide.

Handfasting is a beautiful and meaningful way to celebrate your love and commitment. So if you’re looking for an alternative wedding ceremony that truly reflects your love and your commitment to each other, handfasting is the perfect option!

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