Celebrant Ceremonies – a unique celebration!

Celebrant Ceremonies – a unique celebration!

on Feb 19, 2021 in Blogs, Renewal of Vows, Weddings

If you have decided to ‘tie the knot’, an important part of your planning will turn to the ceremony itself.
What sort of sentiment do you want to share, and how do you want to say your special words to one another? What style suits you best – sweet or sassy, relaxed or formal, modern or traditional?

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Celebrant weddings

A wedding is a symbol of unity between two people who are in love. As a celebrant, I am trained in every aspect of ceremonies, so I can make your day as personal and heartfelt as possible. Celebrant weddings are growing in popularity because they offer more freedom for couples to do things their way. These ceremonies can have a deeper, more personal meaning – a unique celebration of your love for one another.

I am trained in every aspect of ceremonies, from the choice of ceremony to the symbol of unity. I pride myself on meticulous attention to detail, so that your wedding day is everything you dreamed it would be. I understand that every couple is unique, so I offer a range of bespoke ceremonies that can be tailored to your individual style. 

Symbolic ceremonies

Hand Fasting, Sand Ceremony, lighting unity candles, a Dove Release – can add special meaning to the day’s events. By choosing a celebrant, you can also include any other symbolic, religious, or cultural tradition which is meaningful to you too.

The Unity Candle Ceremony is a very popular choice for couples getting married. The symbolism of combining the light from your two separate candles into one larger third candle is a beautiful symbol of the union of your two families. When you choose me as your celebrant, you can decide to include any other beautiful symbolism within your marriage ceremony to make it truly unique. For example, the Unity Candle; the Rose Ceremony, the Loving Cup, or even a Handfasting – these are just a few ideas. You can also decide if you want to involve anyone else during the ceremony – children, nieces or nephews, or special friends. 

Just like your style is distinctive, so is you love for each other, and choosing this unique and personalised approach to your ceremony will honour that. Designing your perfect unique ceremony is no simple task, but one I am truly committed to. So committed in fact that I called my Company – “Unique Life Ceremonies”. The definition of “Unique” is – “Being the only one of its kind” – and, that is my promise to you about your ceremony. It also means – “Remarkable”, “Extraordinary”, “Unparalleled” and, or “Unusual” – and those are the words I am sure your guests will be saying about your ceremony too.

I’d love to share some ideas with you both for how you can make your special day a celebration to remember.

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